Gen 3 backup NAS?


Can I use my Gen 3 as primary backup for my NAS?

Currently the NAS is connected to my Mac Mini via Ethernet, and the Gen 3 is connected by USB3.

I don’t believe the NAS can ‘see’ the Drobo in this set-up, so I was thinking I’d have to also make a direct connection between the NAS and Drobo, while retaining the direct connection to the Mac Mini.

Are there any problems with this set-up? If there are, are there any other options I can explore?

Thanks in advance

hi vp,
i do not have a mac, though as far as i know, if should be possible to use a gen3 as backup, for example as mentioned below:

  • if the mac computer is running
  • and if the DAS gen3 is directly connected to the mac via usb, and is accessible by it
  • and if your NAS device (assuming not a drobo), is also connected to the mac and the mac can see it
  • then there should not be any problem in using your mac, to essentially copy data files from the nas, and pasting them to the drobo DAS

(as long as there are no filesystem differences, and both work ok with usual mac files that you could in theory copy and paste from mac to the nas or das, then i think it should work)