Gen 2 Unexpectedly Ejects After a Few Minutes

When connected via FW800 (either port), my Gen 2 Drobo ejects itself within a minute or so of mounting. The problem does not seem to persist when it is connected via USB. Any ideas? TIA

hi max, i saw the rebuild thread which you had here:

according to the timestamps, can i check if this was happening (while) the rebuild was taking place?
(if so, it is possible in some rarer cases that the computer and / or dashboard can lose access to the drobo)

but if that was the case, how are things now?
if you still have the problem now, and after the rebuild, maybe you could try connecting with a different firewire cable, just in case that cable is faulty in some way?

(i like usb, though if you are still able to use usb and things are still fairly quick for you, maybe usb is not that bad?)

Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for looking into this.

I had added a new 4TB drive, as I had a low space warning, and waited through a rebuild. Once it was done, I started getting the ejecting behavior, and after a couple hours, my Drobo went back into rebuilding mode. I have no idea what the issue was there, but it did another full rebuild (it took about six or seven days).

I have four different FW cables that I’ve tried, just to make absolutely sure it’s not a problem with a cable. USB seemed to work, but I use the Drobo as a backup drive for a 12TB hard drive, and backups over USB are prohibitively slow.

Right now, I’m trying to get it to mount, a totally new issue. It’s finished its second rebuild, and all the lights are normal. Disk Utility and Drobo Dashboard both see the drive, but it’s listed as unmounted and is not available in Finder.

I remembered, too, that this was an issue I had about a year ago. I revisited that thread, and saw that the problem was due to Drobo Dashboard v 2.6.4. When I rolled it back to 2.6.3, the problem resolved. I’m still running 2.6.3 now, though, so I’m at a loss for now.