Gen 2 solid red on all slots upon reboot -- HELP

I am freaking out and hope someone can help. We had a power outrage and when the power came back, Gen 2, not only mount, making a loud noise and all 4 slots are showing solid red. I browsed 4 similar threads I could find on this forum but nothing seem to apply.

If I can get my data back, I don’t mind paying $99 support fee but it says it doesn’t guarantee any solution. Do you think they can help?

=== UPDATE ===
I removed all the drive and still all red so I think it is totally broken. The question is how do I get my data out?

Assuming the drives themselves are OK, the simplest method is to replace the Drobo with another used one, or a new one of a type that will allow migration from a Gen 2

Failing that you might try ReclaiMe Pro or UFS Explorer (you’ll probably want to contact them to see if they support anything as old as a Gen 2 pack before springing for the software + enough drive space to store the recovered data), or paying someone like https://drivesaversdatarecovery.com/ who Drobo recommend here. Which probably won’t be cheap.

This is why you should keep backups, even of devices like Drobos, they only protect against individual drive failures, not the entire unit failing, or multiple drive failures, or even human error.

Thank you for your response. Do you know which new one allows me to migrate from a dead Gen 2? Since this dead Gen 2 won’t mount, I didn’t think migration was possible. Any pointer would be appreciated.

When I bought Gen 2 new, I thought I spent that kind of money because the unit had a lifetime warranty – or was I completely smoking something really bad.

Well I did link the page with the Migration Matrix <–<< Clicky However, reading it starting with a Gen 2:

Another Gen 2, 4 bay Gen 3, 5 bay 5C, S, S2, 5D, or 8 bay Drobo Pro. Anything other than another Gen 2 is a one way deal, the drives can’t be moved back, not that that matters if your unit has failed.

You might try resetting it using spare drives if you have a couple of old small ones kicking round waiting to be disposed of. I don’t hold out much hope, but a pinhole reset might do something & you’ve nothing to lose as long as you don’t try with the data-loaded disks.

Oh wow, sorry I missed that link. So, I just stick these drives into 5D can do the trick? I should consider this option.

I have about 50 unused drives I can try to use for reset – I just saw the pin hall as the first time. I am going to try this. Thank you so much!