Gen 2 - Need help

I had my Drobo device running two days ago and had it on for a few hours, i shut it down with the Drobo dashboard as i do always and then turned off my PC.

I came home from work last night and I went to turn it on and now its not working, all of the lights are on but it seems like its just refusing to work.

At the moment it is turned on and the 4 drive bay lights are on and I I believe to be yellow, also the light that indicates data movement is just solid and the blue lights all of-them are lighted up apart from 1 not far from the middle.

I have tried taking out the drivers and then re powering it back up but again there seems to be no change to its current condition.

I am unable to get a log from the device as it will not boot up and show in windows so please see the attached picture instead, If you could let me know what the best course of action is that would be much appreciated, as it now has all of my data and is now holding it at ransom.

I have checked the diskmanagement and it wont show up in there in windows
Checked the device manager to see if i can see the device - its not showing

I tried a couple of the kb articals but to no success it looks like its not even trying to boot up when you first switch it on the lights in the picture do not change no matter how logn i leave it on for.

I cna confirm this as I have taken the drives out and tried to reboot it to see if it was picking up the drives the lights still remained the same.

I have opened a support ticket on the drobo support page and they have come back to me and advised that the product is now end of life and is no longer covered by the 2 year warrenty (I was given this device as an upgrade in 2012), and they suspect that the device is dead.

I have also been in further contact with them on how to get the data from the device and I have been told that it is not possible as it does not use a standard raid system.

So if anyone can help me to try get it working again or advise on an alternative way that I can recover my data that would be much appreciated, as this is now sat at the end of my desk and is currently a very expensive paper weight.

hi kyled,
it does sound as though the unit has become faulty, but can i check if you had tried unplugging the usb/fireware cable from the back of the drobo during all your reboot attempts (either with the drives in or with the drives out at the time)?

eg: what happens if you power all off,
and unplug the power cable and computer connection cables from the drobo
and then to remove all drives while power is still off
and then to try booting up the empty drobo with just the power cable?

what happens now?

(please only put the drives back in when power is all off and power cable unplugged)

if the drives (which make up your disk pack) are ok though, and only the gen2 unit has broken, then there might be a way to recover the data via a migration process.

essentially you could get another drobo model (either another gen2 though probably at least 2nd hand), or another model such as a gen3, or a 5D and to follow the migration process here:
i should also mention that i carried out a migration process when my drobo-S (gen2) failed, into a replacement powered-off similar model, and the process was successful for me.

Hi Paul

Thanks for the quick reply, I figured as much yes I have had the cable in and out on both attempts with and with out drives in and tried it.

When I remove all the cables and then remove the drives and then re attach the lights stay the same as per the picture provided.

The problem I’ve got with a migration process is buying another Gen 2 and the additional cost that I really do not want to pay especially for a second hand unit which I have no idea how long it is going to last for, if indeed the device is buggered.

If it is then is it possible to retrieve the data from the gen2 disk pack some how as it has all of my pictures music and personal documents etc on there, at the moment it feels like I am been held at ransom to buy a new unit to recover my data which I feel is wrong Paul.

The only way to retrieve your files from the faulty Drobo is with another Drobo. Was that the only copy of your files?

thanks for the info kyled, and your views are fair enough
(i was lucky enough to have waranty/cover when my drobo-s broke, though it now seems that my gen1 unit has broken after several years, which i still need to address, and while it is out of warranty, and several years old, if i had to buy another unit after all this time, part of me would probably say that it would be fair enough too if i think abotu it)

as for the recovery, (aside from knowing someone with a compatible drobo to try a temp migration process with), then i think there are some possible data retrieval options available (other than getting another unit) though those other options would most probably be at a much higher cost, so it seems essentially as dragon mentions with another unit to be the feasible option.

with that said though, please do have a look as there have been some special offers on brand new models that you might be able to find for hopefully not much more than a 2nd hand unit. (i think dragon is the Hard-Drive-Huntsman :smiley: on good drive offers, and some others have seen some really cheap units from time to time too)