Gen 2 is really Gen 1!!

I ran out of space on my gen 2 and bought a 5c.
Migration should be easy just switch them off and move the drive pack
Well the new 5 c tells me that my drive pack is really gen 1.
This is probably because I upgraded years ago from gen 1 to gen 2

So now I need to move all my files to somewhere else, then put the drive pack in the new 5c then reset them then move all files from somewhere else onto the 5c

OK I have no “somewhere else” so I can’t do this and will just buy new drives for the 5c and transfer directories and files the next couple of weeks,

Unhappy about this, there should be a clear warning that when you upgrade from gen 1 to gen 2 that the drive pack remains a “sort of” gen1 drive pack

So the drives were ORIGINALLY in a Gen1, then were migrated to a Gen2 machine. Now they won’t work in a 5C…interesting.

Could you move a single drive to the 5C, copy some files over, move another drive, copy more, etc until you moved everything?

yep dragon this is interesting…

the other day there was a user i replied to, and i mentioned that i remembered seeing something about a certain firmware being too old. i cant seem to find the page where i initially read it, but the recent posting was here:

one of the things i still need to do for my gen1 (which broke along with the attached computer during a power surge/spike), and was actually planning on doing, was to finish making backups of my other drobo chassis, and to then put my gen1 pack into either the gen2, or drobo-s-gen2, or 5d… with this new info ill have to look into things a bit more first, though it is good in the sense that dashboard seems to have mentioned this to you, which i think is a very welcome addition to it, instead of anything more drastic…

… i say dashboard, as i dont belive my suggestion about pinball-esque dot matrix lights are implemented on the hardware chassis yet :slight_smile: