Gen 2 is 1 day per 1 TB storage. Quicker with newer models?

I have a Drobo gen 2 (4 slot) connected to a Mac Mini with FireWire. The Drobo has 3x4TB and 1x2TB disks in it, so total of 9TB storage. When a disk has died and needed replacement, or I have upgraded from 2TB to 4TB, it has taken about 10 days to get back into protected mode. That is a lot of time for a RAID not to be in protective mode.

From what I’ve read on this forum, it’s normal for a Drobo gen 2 to use about 1 day per 1 TB of storage, so that fits what I’ve seen.

Is a new version of the Drobo (4 slot) or the Drobo 5D quicker, or do they also require 1 day per 1 TB of storage before getting back into protective mode?


hi dillemikk, you are right about 10 days being a long time.

as far as i know, some other models (or other models and configurations) have been able to complete rebuilds quicker. i do not know the basline formula or best configs for quickest times though, but i usually tend to stick with 1day per 1TB for my own drobo rebuild calculations.

(gen1, gen2, drobo-s-gen2 seem to be similar - i have not yet tried a rebuild with a 5d, but when current space gets low i will have to add another drive and will make a note to time it when i do for you.)

(other factors can also play a part, such as accessing files during a rebuild, which could happen directly from the user, or indirectly via application, indexing, virus scanning, autobackups etc)