Gen 2 Drobo - Keep or ?

I have a Gen 2 Drobo, TDC08342xxx (removed 3 numbers for privacy). It is working but dusty. I have 4 1 TB drives providing 2.72 TB of space.

  1. Can I upgrade the Drive size? to how large?
  2. Is it worth keeping as redundant backup for my QNAP?



hi chris,
if the drives are good and the unit is working, i would say keep it as a backup.

i have only gone up to some 1.5TB drives in mine, but the recommended max size is 4TB as mentioned here:

(if you plan on getting say 4tb drives, its probably best to make a backup of your drobo data first, possibly to the qnap in the meantime, and then to upgrade the drobo firmware, and reboot it a couple of times to make sure the new firmware has installed ok, before upgrading to some of the larger drives like 4tb in case you are on an old firmware.)

here is a page with more info for you about firmwares that might help:

Thank you, Paul.

(ok no worries - and if you ever decide you no longer want it and live in the uk, please let me know) :slight_smile: