Gen 2 Drobo help needed

I have a drobo that has been very kind to me for 8 to 10 years now.
I have replaced drives in it with bigger ones over time without any issues.
The drive now has 4 red lights that are solid.
I have power cycled the device and now it gives me 4 blue lights at the bottom that go out and 4 red solid lights on all drives.
Too many hard drives have been removed error from Drobo dashboard.
Is there any way possible to get all the data off of the 4 drives that are there and get new drives for the drobo and start over?
They are 2-2TB and 2-1TB drives that have a lot of data I have saved over the years.
I have tried the following

thanks for the info pixels,
can you try the following:

  • to power all off

  • to remove the drives (remembering the order)

  • to power up just the drobo on its own
    (it should power up and then go into standby mode)

  • to then power up the computer, and dashboard

  • and once those are up and running,

  • to connect the drobo to computer via usb
    (does dashboard still detect the drobo, and show a 1 top bay red asking for drives?)

if yes (its usually a better sign in the sense that drobo seems to be working) but do NOT put the drives in.
instead, please try to power all down again

  • and with power still off, to put the drives back in where they were, and to unplug the usb cable
  • and to power up the drobo only…
    (does it get any further pixels?) Mine did 4 blue lights that went off, then 4 red lights that stayed on for awhile.
    Now it has an orange power light.
    No other lights on
    It is not currently plugged into the computer
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since Drobo’s formatting is proprietary, you cannot read your files without another Drobo. If you browse the Drobo Migration webpage under “Direct Attached Storage”, you will see several options for replacements that should read your existing diskpack.

Thank you for the reply.
So from the symptoms I have described you think the drives are ok?
Upgrading the drobo with a newer one will allow me to retrieve the data I have on the 4 hard drives?

Most likely they are alright, but no guarantees. If you buy (or borrow) another Drobo you should be able to copy or back-up your existing files from it, yes.

** When you place your existing drives into another Drobo, make sure the Drobo is TURNED OFF. Anytime you place drives into a running Drobo they WILL BE REFORMATTED. **

Thank you again for replying.
I do appreciate all your help.
Would it hurt the data on my current drives to power down my current drobo, remove all drives, reset the drobo with the pinhole in the back, power it back down, pop in my current drives power it back up to and see if I can access my data?

That sounds like a perfect idea. After your pin-hole reset (but before you re-insert your drives) you can see if the dashboard can see your Drobo. I thought you tried that already.