Gen 2 Data Protection Stalling

I replaced a drive to add capacity to my Gen 2 and it has been in data protection mode for over 48 hours. When I swapped the drive, Drobo Dashboard recognized the device. The computer was put in sleep mode, and now Dashboard won’t find connected Drobo.

Has anyone experienced this before? Before the swap, I had four 3TB drives, one of which was flashing red. I swapped that drive with a newer 6TB drive.

From what I have read, I should not turn the drobo off during data protection cycle to try and reboot.

If the newer drive is incompatible with Gen2, can I replace the old drive to restore it to the original setup? I feel like this might be the best route to migrate to a new system given the age of the device & lack of support.

The Drobo is connected to late 2014 iMac running High Sierra. I appreciate any insight this community can provide–thank you!

Gen 2 units are SLOOOOW doing data relayouts… 48 hours is too soon to be worried if it was near full with 3TB drives, figure a minimum of a day (24 hrs) per used TB before you even begin to get worried. Potentially double that or more if you’re using it (reading or writing data) much during the rebuild.

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Thanks for the assurance. When it first started, Drobo Dashboard gave a 300hr. timeline, but after putting the computer to sleep Drobo Dashboard won’t recognize it anymore and the volumes don’t mount in the Finder. My main worry is that it won’t work, since I updated it with a newer 6GB drive. I have disconnected it from the computer and will let it do it’s think for the next few weeks.

Particularly given the relatively weak processor a Gen 2 has, the unit disappearing from Dashboard during a rebuild is not uncommon, they often vanish & reappear fairly randomly… I can’t speak to Finder since I’ve only used a Gen 2 with Windows, which generally keeps them available in Explorer, but I still wouldn’t be greatly worried as long as the lights are flashing in rebuild mode.

Personally I’d hesitate to use drives larger than the 4TB that Drobo have tested / qualified a Gen 2 with, though plenty of people report bigger drives work. The first one shouldn’t be an issue, but the odds of unrecoverable read errors during a subsequent rebuild (the next drive upgrade) make me profoundly uncomfortable when using single parity (which is the best a Gen 2 has to offer) I just wouldn’t accept the odds with drives bigger than that without the dual redundancy later units offer.

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Well, it looks like the data-protection mode is complete, but now I am back to where it seemingly started. The drobo now shows a solid red light for the replaced drive (as it showed before replacement), and the other 3 drives are solid green. However, neither Dashboard nor my file explorer will recognize the drives. The drobo is connected directly to the computer via Firewire/Thunderbolt and the cables were good prior to starting this process.

This would happen from time-to-time before the drive-swap, and I was always able to re-establish connection by cycling the power to the Drobo. Do you think it is safe to do so now?At this point, I would like to confirm the presence of the data and look for another system. Your thoughts/advice is appreciated!

Under normal circumstances, the Drobo fan would be engaged most of the time it was connected/recognized by the computer. It is silent now.

Try connecting via USB.

If that fails & you haven’t access via dashboard then I suppose that you’ve little option besides powering down using the switch, that’s at least safer than simply cutting & restoring the power.

What’s the make & model of the new drive? I’m assuming you checked it was a CMR drive & not SMR?

The new drive is Seagate IronWolf 6TB CMR.