Gen 2 Data protection stall

I replaced a drive to add capacity to my Gen 2 and it has been in data protection mode for over 48 hours. When I swapped the drive, Drobo Dashboard recognized the device. The computer was put in sleep mode, and now Dashboard won’t find connected Drobo.

Has anyone experienced this before? Before the swap, I had four 3TB drives, one of which was flashing red. I swapped that drive with a newer 6TB drive.

From what I have read, I should not turn the drobo off during data protection cycle to try and reboot.

If the newer drive is incompatible with Gen2, can I replace the old drive to restore it to the original setup? I feel like this might be the best route to migrate to a new system given the age of the device & lack of support.

The Drobo is connected to late 2014 iMac running High Sierra. I appreciate any insight this community can provide–thank you!