Gen 2 3TB disk failure

I have a gen 2 and got a message that I need to add capacity. the four bays had 2tb drives so I exchanged one for a 3tb drive but the drobo tells me “drive failure” it does recognize the drive, does recognize it is 3tb but gives the drive failure.
My system is w7 my firmware is 1.4.2 [1.254.50341]
The 3tb is fine in a usb enclosure so no real drive failure but just an issue with how drobo recognizes it I guess.
Please help me folks

hi leo, your system seems to be having the latest version of the firmware for the gen2.
(it probably is not related to dashboard, though can i check which dashboard version you are using?)

since the main announcement ages ago from ‘epounds’ here:
(whos nickname probably became “erik sound-as-a-pound”) :smiley: - the main drive size usually recommended for a gen2 has been up to 4TB)

seeing as you have what seems to be the latest version of firmware, one thing to bear in mind, is that the 3TB you are using, may just happen to have some softer errors (which your normal usb usage is able work with), though the errors might just be beyond the safe point defined by the firmware for that drive, and that could be why it is marking it as a failed drive.

if you happen to have another drive you could try using, maybe a new empty one, or another spare one you have will work (but please remember to only put a drive into a drobo when you do not need the drive’s content, and while the drobo is powered on).

by the way, which make and model is that 3TB drive?