FYI: New firmware

v1.2.3 is out (as of yesterday, 6-19-2012)

• Enhance support for drives with long spin up time.
• Fixed issue with incorrect timestamp when using NTP.

  • Jon

Took the plunge and upgraded; no issues to report as yet. Everything came up just fine.

I did it too. Just needed to restart my drobo two times before it showed up in dashboard.

I think it was pulled. It’s no longer available. In fact, no version of any firmware is available (not even 1.2.2) on the Drobo support page for DroboFS. Just Drobo Dashboard…

Updated here yesterday without issues.

Yeah, me too. it’s concerning that they PULLED it now.

  • Jon

The new firmware was only temporarily taken down. It should be re-posted soon.

Looks like 1.2.4 is now out with the same release notes…

  • Jon

That is a quick revision from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4.

Anyone at Drobo have any comments on the quick rev?

We added a minor update, thus the new version number. Don’t worry if you updated to 1.2.3 first, there was nothing in there that will cause any problems with your DroboFS’.