Fuppes & Zappiti

Hi Gents

new to these forums, im hoping to get some help as im banging my head against a wall trying to get my new tech working.

I have a Drobo FS which has all my movies and tv shows on it. I have just bought a Dune HD Max media streamer and I am trying to use Zappiti on it.

Whenever I try to play a video file through Zappiti I get an error saying that it cannot be played. Im not sure if this is because I have set up Zappiti incorrectly or something to do with the Drobo.

Do I need to use Fuppes on the Drobo to be able to use Zappiti? I can play videos from the Drobo on the Dune if I dont use Zappiti but I don’t really understand the difference.

Is anyone else using a Drobo FS with Zappiti/Dune? How are you finding it?

Thank you.