FUPPES streaming to PS3

I have recently installed FUPPES with DROBOAPPS in anticipation to stream my media collection to the PS3. I am experiencing a few different issues:

  1. Video takes too long to load and when it finally does I experience continual freezing which makes it impossible to watch. It is actually quicker to stream a file direct from my macbook using Medialink via WiFi.

  2. Some movie formats are not available (well they do not appear) such as .MKV

Things to note:

  • Drobo-FS is connected to Netgear DGN2000 router via Ethernet
  • PS3 is connected to the same router via Ethernet
  • Both devises have assigned static IP’s

Anybody have any configuration ideas or can help in anyway?

Thanks in advance![/font]

in regards to 2, the ps3 doesn’t nativly support .mkv files, i’ve pretty much followed the “if i can watch it from a usb thumbdrive on the ps3, fuppes will show it”… the Drobo FS is too slow to do any type of transcoding. In theory .mkv is just a container and fuppes could possibly do a container conversion on the fly(no video transcoding), but i don’t think that feature has been implemented.

as for the freezing, i’ve noticed this as well, it’ll have a hiccup once every hour or so… If you have the ssh server installed, you can see a few apps running maxing out the cpu usage (use the “top” command). I’m using gigabit all the way to the router, wifi g to the ps3. I know its a drobo issue because if i stream videos from my drobo fs to my pc (all gigabit) i’ll still get that occasional hiccup every hour or so.

In short, get used to it. the Drobo is a great file backup solution, but it’s not a great general purpose computer.

I know this is an old thread but in case someone else stumbles upon it (as there doesn’t seem to be all that much support.)

Question 1 worries me, as mine freezes and stumbles on high bitrate files but I’m on a sub-par router. Once I upgrade to a gigabit router I hope that won’t be an issue, as the lower bitrate files stream very smoothly.

Question 2 is answered above, PS3 can’t handle the mkv files. My method of choice is to convert them this way;
That’s lossless for the video, better than re compressing through Handbrake or something.

My main annoyance with FUPPES is that I need to rebuild it every time I add new files, then restart the PS3. A small thing, but Drobo is supposed to be effortless. :wink:

I will be trying Mediatomb tonight; http://drobo.jhah.net/apps/mediatomb/start
There is also a link on that page to converting MKV files on the fly, but without being able to pause/scan;