FUPPES seg-fault

Hi, trying to start FUPPES results in a seg-fault.

Any idea why this happens or how to fix it? I try it on a drobo with droboshare.

Can you provide a list of which files are in the Fuppes directory on your Drobo.

It’s possible you’re trying to run the corrupted package which DRI are currently hosting - I seem to recall others reporting similar problems (maybe). When did you download it?

I downloaded it a couple of days ago. So pretty recent. I just have three files in the directory:


You’ve got the broken version, I’m afraid. You’ll have to wait for DRI to fix the downloads, but that won’t be until after Xmas (apparently).

Actually, I’m sure someone had another copy somewhere… Check the “DroboApps” forum for “Fuppes” threads.

Ok, thanks for the information. Going to check if I can find a complete download somewhere.