Fuppes Options

On the Fuppes page, I can see three links:

-rebuild database
-update database
-rebuild virtual container

Is there an order for executing these options?

Do I have to rebuild the virtual container first once I install FUPPES?
Which option do I need to execute when I add a certain media file to my folder?
WHat about adding a new folder to my media folders?


May I suggest that you’ll probably have better luck finding answers about fuppes on the official fuppes help forum?

I have issues with Fuppes as well, as there is no progress bar when building this database. I pressed build within the web interface, and left it on an entire night. Nothing, not even updated the database file (guess that’s what it should be doing) If you have any further luck, I would like to share your experience.

Well, if you feel geeky you can try to SSH into the FS and have a look at the output of ‘top’. If you see a ‘fuppes’ process somewhere running at more than 0% then the update is working.

Other than that I don’t know what to tell you. The web UI for fuppes is pretty spartan.