FUPPES .m4v issue

I primarily bought a Drobo FS to act as a replacement for my win2003 media server (which cooked itself a few weeks ago). I have extensive unprotected .m4v files that I used to use TVersity to stream to my XBox 360 without issue.

I’m having a struggle getting FUPPES to use these files. Using the default configuration it didn’t pick up any of the .m4v files at all, so I added

    <file ext="m4v">

After rebuilding the database/virtual containers, I could now see the .m4v files but they showed as unplayable on the xbox 360.

So then I tried

    <file ext="m4v">

and the same thing happened. Does anyone know how to make the XBox see these as playable? TVersity managed to do it without transcoding, but I have no idea what mime_type it was identifying them as.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t want to get your hopes up that I have a solution. I just wanted to tell you that it seems like noone on this board is interested in FUPPES except you and me.

I’ll be watching your thread to see if anyone (Jennifer?) comes to our rescue.

Unfortunately I will not be coming to the rescue on a DroboApp. Technical support does not support DroboApps.

Because we at Data Robotics do not develop DroboApps and are not privy to their inner workings, we are not able to offer support for them.

We do post DroboApps on our website, but any questions or comments you have about DroboApps should be directed to their developers or vendors. We advise that you use caution with DroboApps, as you would with any third-party application.