fuppes app

I have the app in the DroboApps folder. Enable Drobo apps was selected. Drobo was restarted. Other apps seem to work. Apache installed. DroboApps Admin come up. When I’m under Configure DroboApps, then click >> fuppes (Configure). All I get it is

Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Any ideas?

Did you allow the port through your firewall?

I don’t have a firewall set up unless the drobo Fs automatically sets up a firewall. Is this the case? Thanks for the response.

Okay, just checking…

That means the “can’t establish a connection” means the daemon isn’t running. Either Fuppes isn’t (fully) installed, it’s running on a different port, or it tried to run and failed for whatever reason (missing/invalid configuration file?).

I’m not familiar with Fuppes and its requirements, so that’s all the help I can offer on this… Some of the other folks using Fuppes should be able to help, I’m sure.

Do you use another media server with Drobo? Mediatomb works I just don’t know how to configure it yet.
Thanks for the reply.