Fuppes and MKV

Has any one got Fuppes transcoding MKV on the fly? can this be done? I’d appreciate someones working cfg code please. If anyone out there has an easier alternative to fuppes to stream video i’d happily listen!

Transcoding on the Drobo Processor would probably be a pretty bad idea.

Theoretically I suppose if it removed the mkv container and then just rebuilt it on the fly but I doubt that would work well on the drobo.

Btw try mediatomb its much better, but again no transcoding.

Ya, what Zerox20 said. If you want to transcode video on the fly you’re going to need a Media Server somewhere in the mix. Depending on what’s ultimately playing the video you can do a slow transcode into something more usable like divx/xvid, wmv, mp2, etc.


I use ps3mediaserver which is a Java based one on my main i7 Computer which I then have linked to my DroboFS. I am trancoding MKV Blu-rays (12-15GB each) to my ps3 and with no glitches. My whole network is wired via gigabit of course.

Thanks for the feedback all. I’d love to be able to stream all my media form my drobo sans PC. i guess for now i have to go through my pc to trancsode

I was able to get mediatomb to stream MKV files to my Seagate FreeAgent+ with some minor configuration changes but since the FreeAgent device supports the MKV format, transcoding was not required.

I don’t have a PS3 to test this with and I don’t know if the PS3 still requires transcoding? I did find this post http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=209227 showing how to use a external transcoding script in mediatomb with FFmpeg to stream to the PS3. If there is anyone here who is interested in testing/trying an external transcoding script, then let me know and I can work with you on it?

If it adds value, I can look into packaging this into the mediatomb drobo app.

yes it adds Value!

is you can do this…AWESOME!!!

That’s what I was hoping to do as well. Hence the reason I went with the network backup system as opposed to a firewire unit. No luck so far.[hr]

I second that!!