Full Drobo reboot after FW disconnect

Has anyone else noticed that with the new firmware, Drobo will do a full reboot after being unmounted and physically disconnected (i.e. FW cable removed from computer)?

I’m running a previous generation MacBook Pro, Drobo v2, OS X 10.5.8, and I just updated the Drobo’s firmware to 1.3.3. I do have another FW800 drive connected to the Drobo’s spare port, but this never mattered much before. That drive always shows up in the Finder first.

Was it always this way and I just didn’t notice before? It seems to take longer to start up now, and sometimes, it takes a lot longer than it used to. Previously, I would plug the Drobo back in and it would spring to life relatively quickly (10-25 seconds). Now it takes closer to a minute.

Just wondering if this is expected behavior.

The Drobo should always do a full reboot when disconnected and reconnected.
Do you update to firmware 1.3.3 before or after you updated to OS 10.5.8?
Did you notice this behavior on 10.5.8?

Thanks for the quick reply, Jennifer.

I upgraded to 1.3.3 after upgrading to 10.5.8. I didn’t notice anything different with just 10.5.8 and the previous firmware but maybe I missed something. If you meant to ask if I noticed anything different with 10.5.7, then yes, the Drobo didn’t used to do a full reboot (with all 4 drive lights red, the blue LEDs “sliding” across the bottom, etc. etc.).

When you were on 10.5.7, were you on USB or FW?

Always FW. Both then and now.

Honestly it’s hard to say since you are not experiencing that right now.

Like I said, when the drobo is physically disconnected and reconnected it should do a full reboot.

Just FYI, it’s inconsistently rebooting now after disconnecting and reconnecting the FW cable between the Drobo v2 and the computer. Sometimes it does a full reboot (all drive bay LEDs red, “sliding” blue LEDs across the bottom, takes a long(er) time to come online), and sometimes it is just coming right back up without a full reboot (blue LEDs come right on, no red drive bay LEDs go on, takes about 10-15 seconds to come online).

Not sure how or why it’s choosing to do a full reboot vs. the quick boot-up.

After the last firmware upgrade I’m also having lots of trouble. Some times I can connect to the Drobo via firewire and most times I can’t connect to it via the network. The user account I made doesn’t seem to work at all and I’m unable to log in via root. Things were working great prior to the firmware upgrade but it’s been the pits after the upgrade.

Jennifer this is not the case, it’s not the power cord that’s being pulled.
My Drobo has never performed a full reboot after ejecting it and pulling the computer connection cable, it goes automatically into standby.
Full reboot of my drobo only happens when the power cord is removed.

Currently I’m on 10.5.8 dis/re-connecting firewire 800 doesn’t cause a reboot, works as usual.

Sorry, I misread that as pulling the FW and power cable. Which would cause a full reboot.

Yes, sorry if that wasn’t clear, Jennifer. I’m talking about JUST removing the FW800 cable from the computer, not also removing the power cable from the Drobo.

How long would you wait before plugging the FW back in?

Depends. Sometimes, just a few minutes. Other times, closer to a day. But there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the amount of time the Drobo is unplugged (from the computer) and it doing a full reboot.

Just an update-now, Drobo is coming right back up without going through a “full” reboot (red lights, blue lights, etc. etc.). I haven’t changed anything.