ftp on DroboFS


What I did until now:

  • Installed Pure ftpd
  • Created a dyndns account
  • Added dyndns to my router (Linksys WAG160N) so it refreshes whenever my dynamic IP changes and dyndns registers my IP
  • Forward ftp to the static IP of my DroboFS (from router)
  • Installed DropBear

So … what do I need to be able to access an ftp place for outside of my network?

From what I would presume …

DroboFS is linked to router (forward), router is linked to dyndns, so if I now have a map on my drobo I would have to give in ftp://testdrobo.dyndns.org to see all my maps (together with any password and username)?[hr]
Seems to work when I do it from inside the network mmmhhhh :slight_smile:
Now to test it from the outside tomorrow

Nooooooooo … “disable” at Apache was not a good idea:(

Which specific ports are you forwarding for FTP? If this didn’t work, make sure you setup both 20/21 for active FTP.

Yep, 20/21 mapped, it is working, but what I find really strange is that IE, Firefox and Windows Explorer show different things through FTP connection, IE shows me the Linux maps, Firefox shows me the actual shares and Windows explorer shows a mix, FileZilla as well.

But until I can change the root password permanently I just login to my desktop through Logmein, enable it, download whatever I need remotely and close FTP again afterwards.

First off, I’m definitely a novice here. My goal is to be able to access the flies on my Drobo FS remotely.

I installed the Pure FTBd app on the Drobo successully, but I don’t know what to do next. Do i navigate to Drobo’s IP address via a web browser to gain remote access (and if so, how is that done?)

Thanks anyone in advance for your help. I really appreciate it