FS Drives in a 5N box

I purchased a 5N in Dec 2016 and set it up today. I previously had a FS. I inserted the drives from the FS and notice that the Drobo.app reads the drives as FS. Is this because these drives were formatted under the FS box?

Should I reformatt these drives under the 5N box and will it make any difference if I do not? Most of the data on these drives is old and I have back ups on other external hard drives.

Also, is the root directory always called PUBLIC? on the NAS?

hi d4nelli,
am not sure about the root name, though i think if you do not actually need what is on your diskpack already, you will probably get benefits from formatting and starting fresh…

for example on this page:

it has a link to speed benefits in the linked pdf here:

you might also be able to use latest firmware to enable much larger max volume sizes too if you wish.

(please remember that you can lose all data if you reset or format etc)