FS Disappearing From Network on Windows 7

Hi guys.

My FS is rarely visible under the Network in Windows Explorer. If I manually type the FS location in the address bar it can be accessed. This is not good enough because some forms of the File Open or Save GUI’s do not have an address bar. Shares Mapped to a letter are not always suitable.

Anybody else have this problem? Anybody know the cause or have a solution?

Thanx 4 looking.

Well, if there is a text box to enter the filename you can enter the path as well.

Try this: open a file dialog, then start typing \\

This should show a list of shares from the Drobo automatically. If you just press enter it’ll take you to the folder instead.

Like I said, there isn’t always a text box/address bar.

Unless the application you’re in isn’t using the standard Windows file dialog (uncommon), you can type the address in where the filename goes and hit Open/Save.