Fry's Electronics

Fry’s Electronics is selling the Drobo V2 for $290. Best price I’ve seen for this model. Anyone need a spare?

I think I saw that last week. If I had a 4disk pack in my DroboS, could I move my disk pack over to the Drobov2?
That would be fun. Backup my data to the faster DroboS, then shunt the disks over to the V2.

I don’t think you can migrate downwards, unfortunately.

After checking this, it is not supported. There is the caveat that “Also note that in most cases migrating drives is a one-way operation. Once you move drives, you will no longer be able to access the data they contain with the older Drobo.”

I’d be willing to try it, though. Update firmware on both sets to latest date. I would reduce my 5disk to 4 disk. Await the Rebuild. Then migrate the pack inot the Drobo v2.

thats cool info.
if you see a cheap drobo-s let me know please :slight_smile: