From Drobo Dro4D-D to Drobo N5

Hi there,
i have tried to move my four SATA harddisk from Dro4D-D to Drobo N5 but when I put it on it says:

“The set of disks you have inserted are incompatible with the firmware running on your Drobo device. There may be an update that allows you to use these disks. Please make sure that your Drobo device is using the latest firmware”

I try to update the firmware and do a pinhole reset (without the disks inside) but with no success.

Other idea? :frowning:

Thank you for help.

You’ll have to transfer your data via network to drobo 5N.
Directly attached drobo pack can’t be migrated to networked drobo just by moving disc pack to new unit.

Somewhere on the drobo web page was a matrix explaining disk pack migration from/to various drobo models.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This article explains proper migration paths between units.

I had this explanation in mind: