Freeing up space?

I’ve had my 5N for a couple of years now, working well :slight_smile:

When i set it up, I added a fixed size share/partition? for Time Machine on my macs, I do not need this any more and want to free up the space for the main share to use.

How do i do this please?

resetting the drobo is not an option here, too much on it.

Any ideas?


hi davek,
im not 100% sure, though i was under the impression that a time machine share on a 5n, was just a share that had been created, and then configured to be used for time machine.

if so, then maybe a way would be to simply stop time machine or anything else using that share, and checking that you havent put anything you still need there, and then once happy, to reverse the process, (or to reverse and remove that share), but here is a page which may help:


i used the share settings page and deleted the TM share, hopefully that will free up the space allocated again.

ok cool, yup it might take a bit of time to reclaim the space/blocks for it, though if you have a look at the overall percentage and values used and free, in dashboard, it should hopefully show more as available.