free/used space cycles

We have a 800i and throughout the day dashboard reports that the free/used space changes constantly. anywhere from 30% free space 70% used all the way to 105% used and no free space. at which point it starts sending alerts.

We are not using the device while these changes are taking place. no data transfers are taking place. The dashboard shows it just slowly walking the used space up and then back down.

Firmware: 2.0.6[3.45.10935]
Total space: 30.23 (4,6,6,6,6,4,4,4)
connection: iSCSI
dashboard: 2.8.3[83912]

Connected to Windows 7

hi, if the drobo is only connected to the windows computer, can i check if that computer is connected to any other computer like on a network, or even just connected to the internet at the time?

if so, it might be good to make it standalone for some testing, and possibly to also try to close down any other programs (just in case they are using the drobo in some way)

im just wondering if those fluctuations of space usage still take place after checking the above too?