Four Lights Flashing Green & Yellow And One Flashing Red

I’ve had this now for two days, with Drobo dashboard saying 19 hours left for data protection. This happened earlier in the day on Saturday and it seemed to have fixed itself pretty quickly (5 mins and all back to green), only to start over a few minutes later. Now I don’t if I should wait before replacing the defective or if I can/should replace it now.

Ttake out the drive which is flashing red

put in a new drive

at the moment it is rebuilding onto your existing drives… if you replace the failed drive with a new one, then then it will rebuild onto the new disk. that will be faster, and it will also mean that it has less work to do… if it rebuilt onto your current disks, then you added a new disk, it would have to optimise and copy all of the stuff it just rebuilt onto your new disk.

let us know how you get on

So now four are green and one is red so I’m pretty sure it’s OK to replace the drive with the flashing red LED. I was originally wondering if it would have been ok to have replaced the red flashing drive while the other four were flashing red and yellow, and take it from your response, that it would have been OK to do so (for future reference) while it was rebuilding.

I’ll proceed with the drive replacement and report back. Thank you for your response.

A new 4TB drive in the red slot and ALL GREENS! Expected the unit to run new rebuild, but not. Went to all greens almost right away after accepting the drive, and Drobo Dashboard gives my Drobo S a clean bill of health. Another WD Drive bites the dust! Thanks again for your response and assistance.