Four Bay Drobo max drive capacity


I’m a photographer and use a Gen2 (firmware 1.4.2), to store my archive, I’m about to push past the 10TB mark, which is getting me close to the 10.89TB limit of 4x4TB drives.

Everything I can find on the forum, indicates that I should stick to 4TB drives maximum.
Is this still the case?

My archive grows daily, so need a fix sooner rather then later, just wondering if my only option would be upgrade to a Drobo 5D?

Or is there any way to get the gen2 drobo to except anything larger then a 4tb drive?


Nothing software-wise has changed on that unit, so the recommendations still stands. In theory it might take larger drives just fine, but I don’t know of anyone who’s tried it yet. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade. Drobo just posted this discount on FB…

Taxes are complicated, protecting your data doesn’t have to be. For a limited time we are giving you $100 OFF the Drobo 5D! USE CODE: TAX5D


*Valid until April 30, 2016

Thanks so much for the quick response.
5D ordered.


cool, (dragon’s den season 2 has started) :smiley: