forum searching question

hi all (and admins)

do you know how to run a forum search for anything from a “date” in time and later?

eg, i used the board yeterday and clicked show me new since last visit. (called view new posts)
it had a lot of results.

i went though the list but on one of the pages i must have clicked the show new button, and it simply showed the last few updated items.

i cant find a way of showing anything from yesterday and beyond (without typing a word to search, but the problem is that i have no way of known what words to search on, or what username to search for) :slight_smile:

i tried modifying the get daily link into the getweekly but that didnt work:

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I was a smarty pants and posted that there are search options, then I realized you’re trying to search for any posts from a date and the search doesn’t let you get away without a search term. :blush:

In my opinion you are not right. Let’s discuss it. Write to me in PM.

ok, thanks that’s what i thought. it’s probably a security feature to stop people bringing up huge lists of all posts and threads - its ok, if one of those topics gets a reply, a subsequent “show new” should hopefully pick it up :slight_smile:

This forum seems to be MyBB so here’s the search documentation:

Doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know though. :frowning:

thanks bhiga,
according to the docs, theres an extensive set of tools for ban words/keywords and ip addresses.

maybe some kind of ip blockages ( at least on a temporary level) could be used to block new posts from the same ip address to help counter spams etc

rnrnThanks chrsplmr that screen now appears to me
nI resolved it just by logging in and out because of my low number of posts, then the forum must have refreshed my post counting numbers and now, that screen already appears to me.
nThanks for your help.

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