Formatting Drobo using Win 7

I have a 1st Gen Drobo using 3 2TB drives (one of them is a WD 4k sector) and 1 500GB drive. Using all latest drobo firmware/software

I had this successfully formatted to 8TB volume under Win 7 64bit, except the 4K sector drive was added after the format (upgrade).

I had to re-format due to the dreaded “Win 7 Backup” issue, and kept getting an error stating that format could not continue because windows couldn’t assign a drive letter.

I tried 8 and 16TB NTFS volumes (no less), I tried mounting the volume under computer management before, during and after the initial formatting using dashboard. Reset multiple times. Nothing worked.

The Drobo Dashboard was reporting the drive as there, all lights green, space allocated properly, but drive not formatted or mounted in Windows.

I ended up “formatting” with dashboard, got the error that it couldn’t continue the format, then mounted the volume using Computer Management which immediately prompted me to format it, which I did, to 16TB NTFS with 64K clusters.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I want a more “solid” feeling that everything should continue to work fine from here on out before I delete my backup. This seems similar to an issue present with Win Server 2003 ( http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answ...l/a_id/154 ).

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have had issues with trying to format the volumes before and having to do it in computer management rather than via dashboard, in my case it was on my drobo pro.

once the volumes were formatted though (three of them on my 'pro , 2 x 16tb and 1 x 1tb, they have been rock solid for a year (my drobo has more than 12TB on it and gets hammered pretty hard sometime) and hasnt had any problems.

I’m just waiting for 3tb drives so i can put even more on it!

Thanks for the reply! So far, so good.

I was worrying that after a reboot, the 16TB volume would take some time to mount/register, but it’s up and working in well under a minute with 2TB data on the drives right now.

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glad to hear it :smiley: