Formatting 5DT as MAC Disk Utility "Cant Fix"

Hi, My original 5DT stopped working so I purchased a used one and was able to move all my data off. I can’t add any data to it so I’m planning to “Format” the 5 - 6TB drives in the hopes that I can start to save new data to the 5DT. I’m also getting the prompt that Mac disk utility can’t fix the drives. Any hints as the best way to proceed would be greatly appreciated. I’m running the new Mac OS Monterey on a new M1 Macbook pro. Thank you!

Usually when MacOS says it can’t repair the volume, you need Disk Warrior. It’s like Disk Utility on steroids and can repair the volume, then you should be able to save data again.
It may also allow you access to the data that is on the unit too.

If that isn’t important (or you already copied the data off) then I recommend “starting over” by doing a factory reset from Dashboard.