Formatted Drobo as 2TB but add more than 2TB?

If you format Drobo for a certain volume size (i.e. 2TB volume during initial format) and then add more protected capacity than can be contained in that volume (i.e. you add four 1.5TB drives over the course of a few days), Drobo Dashboard will prompt you to create a second volume for that new space. You can specify a size up to 16TB for that new volume (even if you don’t ever plan on having that much disk space).

Please note, Windows XP has a size limitation of 2TB.

If you specify 16TB for that second volume, can you then copy the contents of the initial 2TB volume to the new volume, then remove the old 2TB volume?

I would also like to know if it’s possible?

I need to apologize, I posted the wrong information here.

When you exceed your original volume size when adding drives, you are prompted to format a new volume which will be the SAME size as your original volume size. You cannot specify a different volume size.

So if formatted for 2TB the new volume will 2TB.

I thought so. :slight_smile:

It’s been a LONG month. LOL

Sorry about that!!

Unfortunately I am human sometimes and make mistakes. :slight_smile: