Format Volumes

I am running Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. I have a Drobo mini with (3) 1TB drives and (1) 750 GB drive. I am unable to format the Drobo drives from the dashboard and get the “unable to format volume” message when I attempt to format. Any suggestions? Thank you, Scott

hi, do you know if something else is using the drobo / volume at the time?

(can i also check if the mini did work before with a usable volume in the past, and you are trying to reformat it, or is this a brand new empty mini that is being setup?)

is the drobo in a stable state or are any lights blinking/flashing?
(if you can, could you try to save a few screens of dashboard and to post to imgur or similar and to paste links here for us to have a look - if you do though, please rub out your serial number before posting to play safe)