Format Drobo with OSX Disk Utility?

I have an early Drobo, 1st or second generation, 4 bay. Can I format with osx disk utility? I’ve been having some problems with it, which seem to be better now, but I’m considering wiping the Drobo and recouping everything back onto it, and I wonder if disk utility would be a better way to go than dashboard for formatting?


If you want to completely nuke Drobo and start over, along with the option to change the max volume size for Thin Provisioning, you must use Drobo Dashboard as that will set up the volume(s).

After that you can use Disk Utility to format the established volume(s) if it doesn’t happen automatically.

Dashboard for partition/volume creation.

Disk Utility for maintenance.

Ahh yes, Drobo now says to only use Drobo Dashboard for formatting too.
Thanks mgriffin34