Format button missing

Hello everyone,

I wanted to turn off the thin provisioning on my Drobo 5N but my format button is missing from the Drobo Dashboard software. I tried with version 2.7.1 down to 2.6.8 on both OSX and Windows 10, and it’s just not there anymore. I downgraded my firmware from 3.5.7 to 3.5.6 hoping this was a firmware bug, but the format button still ain’t there.

I’m obviously logged in as Admin.

Am I missing anything? Anyone with a 5N that could quickly check if format is showing up for them?


I dont think you can “format” a 5N… i dont think you ever could… the only way would be to reset it and set it up again

and you cant turn off thin provisioning, ever, at all, thats how all drobos work!

Really? So it won’t ever report the accurate volume size/free space?

hi, while the volume on a computer (such as windows explorer) might not show you a true representation of how much free space in on the overall drobo, if you have a look in dashboard though that should have the info there for you.