DroboApps developer community,

Has anyone looked into creating a Drobo-FS port for forked-daapd?

As was reported in this post, iTunes 10 broke the mt-daapd (Firefly) support we had.

forked-daapd appears to be a maintained version of daapd that is reported to work well with iTunes 10, and supposedly supports additional functionality.

Before I try to learn how to cross compile for the Drobo, wanted to ask if anyone in the community has already looked into this, or if anyone has the appetite to give it a try?

It would be most ideal if we can leverage any existing work that was done for Firefly (there are 6 source files in the source for DroboFS Firefly) and replace only the mt-daapd- part. But this is my first experience with mt-daapd so I don’t know if that’s possible.

Any advice is appreciated!


That’s an old post. Firefly works fine with iTunes 10 now just FYI. Not to discourage your efforts mind you, but it’s not as dire as it seems :wink:

You’re right. It didn’t work, but now it does! Perhaps it was some sequence of enabling home sharing, restarting, etc. but now I can see my Drobo FS again.

I was up last night until 2 and have my cross compiling Ubuntu VM ready to go. :slight_smile: Fun experience.

Hey Ricardo, would you be able compile and updated(forked) version of Firefly for us? Itunes 10.5 has broken support and the forked version is our only hope at this point.

Sorry for posting on my “backup” account, but this will have to do until I get my account unbanned… again. :confused:

About forked-mtdaap: which repository are you using? The one I get from Google does have a web page 1, and seems to be maintained by the guy responsible for the Debian package, but the git repo that does not seem particularly up to date 2. The last commits were in September, before iTunes 10.5 was launched, so I’m not really sure that this particular repository even supports iTunes 10.5.

Does anyone have confirmation that this version of forked-mtdaap from September 2011 actually works with iTunes 10.5?

I’m not trying to be a pedant here, I just want to make sure that the effort getting this version cross-compiled and packaged does not go to waste.


Edit: it seems the current release of forked-daapd does not support iTunes 10.5 either:

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I PMed phuynh about your primary account. :slight_smile:

Thanks, man. This autobanning business is starting to get old…