Force Drobo5N to use AFP


I’ve been using a Drobo5N for a while, and when I started using it, it used the AFP protocol to talk to the Mac/Finder.

Now, I’m trying to access that same Drobo5N from another Mac. At first, I noticed access was much slower, and there were a lot of inconsistencies in the file system. Entire folders would just disappear, only to appear again a few minutes later, then disappear again, etc. I peeked and saw that Drobo was mounting that share via SMB.

I thought it was a Drobo issue, until I force-mounted the same share with AFP, using the IP. Much faster performance, and more stable file system.

Now, my question is, how do I get Drobo to stop mounting the SMB, and use AFP instead?

Also, I don’t remember needing an IP to mount the Drobo on the old computer, it would just be available under the “Shared” section in the old computer. Now, the Drobo5N (device) is available there, but once I selected it, the share gets mounted as SMB automatically. Any way to force Drobo to use AFP instead?


If the issue is only existent and is affected that particular Mac, it is likely a setting issue of that Mac itself you think?
Try contacting Apple?

Thanks, but the issue is SMB. I’d rather use AFP, but can’t find a way to make the Drobo stick to it.

I agree with this. I can only get 300~500Mbps with SMB. AFP up in the 700~900Mbps range.

I ended up disabling the Drobo stuff on my Macs and wrote a script to mount the shares with AFP.

Please share :slight_smile: