Folders randomly renamed and files becoming corrupt

I have a Drobo 5N that randomly decided to rename a few folders to what looked like some kind of ID keys. For example folders named Photos, Music became _6JUTN~W and IKSUBE~W

Also some of my .psd, jpg, and .tif files seem to have become corrupt.

One other strange thing it did the other day was drop from the network and cause two connected Mac users have to recreate their shortcuts to it because for whatever reason, the old network settings stopped working.

In the drobo dashboard, all of the drives and system report green (healthy) so I’m a little worried about this random, problematic behavior.

Any ideas?

I do have a firmware update (3.2.3) that has not been done, but I’m not very confident that would fix this issue.


hi gsrdrobo, sorry to hear about your issues…
i think it probably would be good to hold off any updates just yet,

can i check if you try viewing any of those image files in your usual way, is it just the file name which had changed or is the actual content also scrambled up too? if so, is it possible that maybe some kind of trojan virus, (usually on windows but i guess it could exist on a mac), has somehow modified the files in some way?

it might be something else though, but also are those images actually within the same parent folder, and only that parent folder has become jumbled up?