Folder won't delete

Temporarily plugged by Drobo to a Win 7 PC via USB, then back onto DroboShare. Now there’s a folder called “System Volume Information” on there and I can’t get rid of it. Isn’t that folder used by system restore? Why would it be on the Drobo? Please advise. Thanks.

It sounds like you already suspects what is happening. You have included exactly the needed information in your question. Yes, Win7 (and some other newer Windows versions) creates this meta-file. It is of neglectible size and I have always ignored it. You could turn off the “See hidden files” setting in your windows if it annoys you.

Related information:
Take a NTFS disk (system or data disk) from a Win NT computer and connect it directly to a Win XP. Win XP will update some small part the file system. Now move it back to the Win NT environment. Win NT will still be able to read and write to the disk but CHKDSK (Windows repair utility) does not work anymore. A unclean shutdowns can occur and the system will not be able to repair the damage. After a while those minor problems will cause data loss.
I do not know if similar things can happen when you move drives between other Windows versions, but I generally advice caution.

Thanks for the reply. I just ignored it since I first posted this question and then subsequently restarted my Drobo a few times while I was trying to configure FUPPES UPnP / DLNA (which I couldn’t). I’m not sure if that changed anything, but I was then able to delete the folder.

Thanks again.