Folder on my drobo can't be edited or removed

I have a folder on my drobo where I send all my converted avi’s to m4v’s. I was writing meta tags to it when metaX said it couldnt write the data. Then everything in that folder has disappeared.

I thought, bugger. ok, so I tryed to create a new folder in this folder Drobo/converted/new and i can see the folder for 2 seconds then it disappears. I try and create another, i can see the first un-named folder and now my new folder, then they disappear.

So i try and delete this ghosty folder, and it says it cant be deleted because a file in that folder is being accessed by another application.

Stood-by the drobo ( on a droboshare base ) and restarted it. the ghosty folder is still there, i cant delete it and cant write to it.

I was going to try and take it off the droboshare and connect straight to my machine (mac mini 2.0ghz with 10.6.2 ) and see if i can see the folder, or any of the files.

Anybody else had this, or know of any fixes ?


direct connect and then a diskwarrior (or similar) scan is probably the first thing to try!

Yep that would be my first suggestion. Direct connect drobo to computer and run either chkdsk or repair disk, depending on your OS.