Folder Doesn't Exist?

I recently got a Drobo FS, and I’ve been copying everything to it from my old external hard drives so I have everything in a redundant storage tank that will hold all of my data.

When I was copying a bunch of files, I got an error saying the folder couldn’t be written to, then the Drobo FS disappeared from my network drives. I looked at the Drobo, and I had 5 yellow lights (I only have three drives in right now). I assume it was just restarting, because it came back up a few minutes later. I went into the folder I was copying to, to see if everything worked, but I had a greyed out folder in OS X. I can’t open the folder, and I can’t delete it either (When I try to delete it, “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50).”) from OS X, so I pulled up the terminal and tried to erase it from there.

I couldn’t just remove the directory because it isn’t empty. I can go into the directory in the terminal, and I see two files there. (Technically three, because one of them is file.ext and the other is ._file.ext) I can’t force delete any of them through the terminal.

When I try to do:

rm file.ext

I get:

rm: file.ext: Invalid argument

No dice there either. I pulled up CMD in my Windows Virtual Machine, and I couldn’t do anything there either (The messages I was getting there were along the lines of “File does not exist”). I’ve restarted my computer, and done another restart on the Drobo, and nothing seems to work, it’s a phantom folder that cannot be deleted because of two files that are apparently in there which cannot be deleted.

How do I fix this? All other files seem to work fine. The Drobo is pretty new, and I had read many success stories as well as many horror stories, and this isn’t very reassuring in making me believe ALL of my data will be safe on this…

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Run Disk Repair (or Chkdsk /F on Windows). That should clean up any unfinished writes from when it disappeared. Keep an eye on it for any additional random restarts. If it continues, open a support ticket.

Now here’s something weird… I woke up this morning, tried to mount it via the Dashboard, which didn’t work, so I mounted it via smb://IPAddress, and I went right in and deleted the folder and emptied the trash without any problem at all.

After trying to figure it out for over an hour last night, I have no idea why it worked so easily this morning…

I appreciate the suggestion regardless!

Oh shoot, missed that you have an FS again… Sorry!

The filesystem check for Drobo FS is fsck and you’d need to SSH into the FS to run it, unless there’s a way to run it from the interface.