Folder access on drobo rubbish in OSX

I have a typical folder structure on my droboshare much like anyone elses I am sure going into a folder brings up more folders etc.

In the past few months I have noticed it takes minutes, some times 5-10 minutes for a folder to open whilst it thinks about it in OSX, it seems the further you drill into the folder structure the slower it gets.

However in Vista on the same mac its instant.

How can I go about fixing this issue, primarily I use the droboshare with OSX and to be honest its getting to be unusable.

I am not reformatting this thing again, it took 4 days last time, and to be honest seems to go against the very idea of this device, which with the devils spawn ‘share’ is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.[hr]
I turned off icon preview BTW and am in Snow Leopard.

I have the same here. Mentioned in an other thread. Directory listing is really slow. I use SL as well.

I have formated my drobo with HFS+ because I mostly use Macs. I’m wondering if formatting with an other filesystem would speed things up.

Would seem perverse though no?

Mine is formatted as HFS+ and its 10 times quicker on Vista.

Just seems odd is all.

I think my affair with drobo is nearing an end to be honest, all in all its been a bit shite.