fluctuating mSATA health readings in dashboard

Has anyone else seen the health % change dramatically in the space of a few hours? My dashboard shows my Crucial M4 card/drive going back and forth between “Good (Life 100%)” and “Good (Life 2%)” several times this morning. What’s up with that?

This was an issue shortly after 5x launch. I thought they fixed it with some combination of firmware and Dashboard updates though?

I have the latest firmware and dashboard. go figure. and i’m still experiencing odd data transfer issues. 15 minutes to copy 250MB of files to the 5N from my mac. That doesn’t make sense.

I saw the same kind of issues a couple weeks ago, although I thought it was a dying drive (one is ominously labeled with “Warning”, though it’s still green - go figure). I put the array through a rebuild (popped a drive, reinserted it few minutes later), and everything seemed fine. Then a week later, the mSATA SSD died and I haven’t had a chance to replace it yet. Performance has been fine-ish, but I’ve been seeing some very odd behavior the last few weeks that have really weakened my trust in this thing.

I just saw something similar with my 5D. I recently put a Crucial M500 120GB mSATA SSD in the 5D and things seemed to be OK for a couple days but today I just got a warning from the 5D that the SSD was removed, then it notified me it was inserted. Now the SSD status in the Drobo Dashboard shows health as “Warning (life 100%)”. This is disconcerting to say the least. Is there anything I should do about this?

I’ve had the same “Warning (life 100%)” on my Kingston 480GB SSD. And I’ve had it very soon after installing the drive which was at the very beginning of my Drobo purchase. Is there any solution to this?

I ended up getting one of the recommended mSATA SSDs (Intel) that was 128GB. Note that in Sep. 2014 my Drobo 5D chassis died and Drobo replaced it. A couple weeks ago that 5D died and there are no new ones to be had so I’m using a different RAID setup. I would also add that my first 5D died not long after the SSD warning so I started backing it up which has been a lifesaver a couple times.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try one of the recommended ones as well.

But in general, this whole thing doesn’t sound too promising. I have to hope that my 5N2 will last.