Flashing Red/Yellow Lights

Hello everyone,

I raised a case with Drobo on the 11th October (091011-000010) and STILL haven’t received a single response. About two days after I raised the case (description below) the Drobo had “repaired” itself - however over the weekend the same issue has occured. After the drobo repaired itself originally I moved the drobo off the droboshare and onto my PC - the directory browsing is still a huge problem as it can take up to two minutes to change directories (either directly via the USB drive or from sharing a directory on my PC).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a support service as unresponsive as Drobo. It’s really frustrating paying almost AU$2k on a storage device that is so inconsistent.

I’d appreciate any help or ANY sort of response from Drobo support.



My drobo (via droboshare) was running extremely slowly today, locking every users computer up when they attempted to browse a file share. I opened the Drobo dashboard and noticed Drobo apps weren’t enabled (they were enabled as I had the admin and jumbo frames installed previously). I re-enabled the drobo-apps and the unit prompted for a reboot. I accepted and now the drobo is in “data at risk” mode and I can’t get any access to the data. All four lights are flashing red then yellow in tandem.