FLAC support in Firefly

I’m having trouble streaming FLAC audio files to iTunes using the Firefly DroboApp. The songs show up in iTunes (Mac Leopard), but when I try to play them nothing happens. Looking at Firefly’s log, it got the request and thinks it streamed the file to iTunes successfully - but it didn’t. MP3 files are streaming fine. Am I doing something wrong?

Just out of curiosity, when you look at the “mt-daapt.conf” file (located in Shares/DroboApps/firefly), what do you see in the “extensions” field? is FLAC there? If not, it needs to be added under the WebAdmin page (http://DroboIPhere:3689/) under the “Config” tab.

Yes, FLAC is there:

extensions .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.ogg,.flac

You’re in the same boat I am… I’m having a problem with *.wav - however, mine don’t show up in the Drobo-FS server on iTunes, but I can play them if I launch them within Finder into iTunes…