Fixed Green Light

Hi everybody.

From a few days ago my Drobo 2nd Gen. has a fixed green power light…no more.

It’s impossible to pass the 2nd point of a normal boot process:

I tried everything, with another computer, with usb, with firewire, with new cables, with pinhole reset, etc etc…no way.

Is my Drobo dead?

Thank you!

one test you could try, would be to power all off
and unplug all cables from the drobo
and then with power still all Off, to remove all your diskpack drives (remembering the order for later)
and then to try powering up the drobo, empty, with only the power cable
(what does it do now?)

does it boot up, and then go into standby mode?
what also happens if you now power up your computer and dashboard,
and then connect your drobo directly to the computer with Usb
can dashboard see it?
(if yes, and if it asks you to put drives in, please Stop)

then if you power all off, and unplug all cables
and with power still off and unplugged, you put your diskpack drives back into where they were
and then if you power up the drobo (without usb cable)
how does it boot up now?

does it get past the 2nd point on that page?
(hopefully, it will finish booting up with all 10 blue led lights from right to left, and then go into standby mode)
it may take time to complete blue lights 1 to 10, but please allow it some hours to complete.
and if you then power up computer and dashboard like before,
and then connect it to the computer by Usb,
can dashboard, and your computer, begin to see the drobo again - what happens now?

(can i also check, did you do the pinhole reset with your drives still inside? if so, that probably erased any data you had on the drives)

Hi Paul, thank you for your help.

Same result with all tests… Blue and red on…goes off and static green power light.:frowning:
It looks like dead.

It’s really annoying.

thanks for trying those tests,

it is good that you tried with another computer as well as different cables and connection methods, but if the drobo is not booting up with drives, and is not showing up in dashboard when booted up empty, then yes it unfortunately looks like it has stopped working.

usually in these cases, if the hardware has broken, there is a good chance of being able to follow a migration process to move your diskpack into a compatible replacement model, for example as mentioned here:
(though in your case, i think it will only be possible, if you did not do the pinhole reset with your drives inside)