Firmware version and performance

How can I tell what firmware version my Drobo had when it arrived?

I know that a firmware update to v 1.3.7 was carried out soon after I installed it. However, I have since read that if I am using WD20EARS drives (which I am) then I should have made sure that the firmware was at version 1.3.6 when I installed the drives.

Since I followed the instructions in the box (which did not say this), I added the drives, turned it all on and went ahead with the format.

The Drobo is slower than my WD My Book 2TB external drive (both using FW800). It is a little slower reading data and much slower writing data - a 2GB file takes nearly twice as long. Could this be to do with the formatting that took place, possibly with earlier firmware, or is this usual for Drobo?

Please open a support case. We can look at the diagnostic file and see if the drives were added before the firmware.