Firmware upset?

Recently Drobo dashboard prompted me to install the latest firmware 3.5.12. Success, except upon reboot drive 4 was offline and drive failure notices began flooding in. Reseated the drive (all WDC Red Pro) and it lit up as being on. Then I began to get two messages: 1. Drive redundancy in critical state with no extra drives due to a failed or removed drive, do not remove any drive. And 2. Degraded with one extra drive, you are protected against one hard drive failure.

Purchased new replacement drive. Can I shutdown, replace drive 4 and not screw up the DROBO Raid?

Legacy 5N.

Hello there!

Replacing a reported dead drive should not cause any issue with Drobo’s BeyondRaid system. In fact, it will likely allow you to determine if it is really the drive that is the problem or the Drobo itself. One thing that often goes bad on Drobo systems is the power supply. It could be that Drobo is drawing more power than a potentially faulty power supply can provide. If the replacement still shows up in Dashboard as faulty, you should likely try a new known-good power supply. If that still doesn’t work, it might be your Drobo’s drive bay that has gone bad (seems unlikely since it was working prior to the firmware upgrade).

All that said, firmware 3.5.12 is quite ancient, being released in 2016:

You could also try to upgrade your firmware to something more recent. There have been corrections since then, including one the addresses how Drobo handles “drive health reporting”.

See the latest release notes for firmware 4.3.1 here:

The firmware itself, 4.3.1, seems to have been pulled from Drobo’s site. I’ve noticed an uptick in people reporting issues on this forum since upgrading to this firmware, so it may have been pulled for good reason. Firmware 4.3.0 might be a safer bet:

You might want to try upgrading to the (actual) latest firmware (or 4.3.0) to see if it addresses some of your problems. But first, you should back up all your data while you can, just in case this is your Drobo dying. After backing up your data, boot up your 5N with no drives, making sure to label your disk pack in the order you removed the disks. Then, upgrade the firmware, shut down Drobo, insert the drives while Drobo is off (making sure to put them in the same order), and start Drobo up again.

I hope that helps!



It could have been power related or a bad drive. I powered down the unit, replaced the drive and it’s working now.

Thank you.