Firmware update

H all
I know it’s not recommended but can you do a firmware update on a 4 bay Drobo without backing it up?

I’d have to buy another Drobo to back that one up.


You can do a firmware update, nothing would stop you.
The data that is on the Drobo, is it also copied in other places? If a power surge came up the line and fried the PCU of your Drobo, what would you do?

Hi Tim,

yes you can do firmware updtaes on all of the drobos without backing it up.

what i mean by that is that it is a non-destructive update, it is designed) to be applied to a working system with data on it, and it will continue to function normally afterwards

however nothing is 100% guaranteed! drobo protected you from individual hard disk failure only - there are still many many things which can go wrong! drobo is redundant,. not self-backing-up.

if there is anything on there you would be devastated to loose - then you should have it backed up anyway - regardless of whether you are going to update the firmware or not

my drobopro has 500GB of real data and 8TB of media - the data i have backed up to a second disk and also off-site - the media isnt worth backing up (i can easily re-create it if i need to - it would be a false economy to spend a fortune trying to back that up)

Thanks for the good advice Docchris.


you’re welcome - good luck! let us know how you get on with your upgrade!

i shoudl have said…

if you are particularly paranoid:

  1. turn off your drobo
  2. take out ALL disks
  3. power up your drobo
  4. upgrade its firmware
  5. let it restart
  6. check it works ok with dashboard (still with no disks in - but it should be detected etc) and has the new firmware
  7. power down drobo
  8. put ALL of your disks back in
  9. power up
  10. all is fine :smiley:

i took all my advice from dochris in the past too - all good advice.

btw are you from Australia or is your name actually Tim Sydney? :slight_smile: